Dosage Calculations Tutoring Schedule

Dosage Calculations Tutoring Schedule for October Term:

*Please e-mail Mrs. Finkle at to make an appointment.

2pm-4pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays starting the second week of the term

1st week of term:

No tutoring except for before/after NUR 107 and NUR109 for those students

2nd week of term:

Monday, October 9th:  2pm-4pm

Tuesday, October 10th:  2pm-4pm

Wednesday, October 11th:  2pm-4pm

3rd week of term:

Monday, October 16th:  2pm-4pm

Tuesday, October 17th:  2pm-4pm

Wednesday, October 18th: 2pm-4pm

4th week of term:

Monday, October 23rd:  2pm-4pm

Tuesday, October 24th:  2pm-4pm

Wednesday, October 25th:  2pm-4pm

5th week of term:

Monday, October 30th:  2pm-4pm

Tuesday, October 31st:  2pm-4pm

Wednesday, November 1st:  2pm-4pm

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